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Pure toxic person if there ever was one. My husband was always caught in the middle and insisted that she and her whipped husband have a relationship with out children. My father sexually abused my daughter. We were lucky in that he went to prison for several yrs and she did not have to testify in court. I have had no contact with him since the abuse occured, years. He passed away today and while I do not feel sad my eyes keep leaking.

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  • We are leaning on GOD but it’s so hard.
  • My husband and mother came around 8am.
  • I wondered why God hurt me and took her.
  • I, however, was torn with my decision on whether I should or not.

The day she went into the coma, my husband and I visit our website were supposed to leave on vacation for a month to Greece. We obviously cancelled our long planned trip without a doubt and stayed by my mother’s side until she passed. We stayed for the funeral of course which was the most difficult thing to endure.

From The Moment Of Death To Rigor Mortis And Beyond

Like Ramona, you are expendable and replaceable. Even his ham buddies didn’t have any respect for him. No wonder he has to hang around with HH. Nobody else will put up with his narcissistic tendencies. He said he is not selling his house.

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I am just so RELIEVED that i no longer have to worry about running into her or her contacting my husband anymore. So, my MIL called her an insulant little bitch. She then cornered my daughter and told her she wasn’t going to allow her to call for help until she was told that her views were right. He suffered in later years with severe clinical depression and I also suspect bipolar episodes which made him even more difficult to be around. Watching him be absolutely vole to my mother who cared for him and looked after him up until the day he passed away fills me with anger. Perhaps it will be worth all the pain.

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My recent visit w them was painful because of the push and pull but lack of real discussion. They accept my new husband but I don’t think they like him. Before I remarried they taunted me about needing to get out more and date- now I’m out more and we are enjoying life as a couple but I feel an undercurrent of pain. They connect on their dads birthday and anniversary of death plus other times but we don’t ever have real conversations about what they feel. I recognize I cannot fix this for them and it’s their work but feel life is short and what a loss. My grandkids really enjoy me and will talk about the loss of their grandpa asking me all about him.

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Sometimes a person will find a target for their inner anger and frustration and reserve those for that person-subconsciously or not. Meanwhile, they treat others completely different. My uncle passed away 2 weeks ago and his funeral was today. I did not go as I am out of state and I made a promise to never attend his funeral years ago. And because my boyfriend knows I disliked her, he has even accused me of murder….

She told me that I just wanted her to die, and other horrible things. What I wanted was the chance to have a loving mother daughter relationship with her, but that was never going to happen. I had a hard time with the approaching of her death, because we all knew it would come, and I was raised to be the good girl who did the right thing.